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Ready for your business to truly grow?

Are you tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed by how to market your business in a way that is going to have a real impact? Are you disappointed by the amount of effort you are currently putting in vs what is coming back to you? Are you confused by the never ending advice online?  Does a lack of confidence hold you back from sharing what you really want to say with the world?


You're not alone, I've supported 100's of coaches and service providers over the last 5 years who's lack of confidence and mindset barriers hold them back when it comes to marketing their business. But I want you to imagine a different scenario – one where you feel empowered, confident, and excited to share your message with the world. It might seem a distant reality right now but I promise it's possible and that's where the Accelerator Programme comes in.

I do things a bit differently around here because I know more than most that marketing your business isn't just about strategies and tactics – it's also about your mindset and how you feel. If you don't feel confident in yourself and your message your audience will sense that a mile off. If you are holding on to negative beliefs about what you are capable of you'll never reach your full potential. Not only that but you'll end up exhausting and overwhelming yourself which means you become less effective as the days go on, and your belief in yourself will continue to dwindle (trust me I know, because I've been there).

That's why I've designed this programme to combine powerful mindset coaching with proven marketing strategies. Together, we'll tackle the inner narratives and barriers you are creating that are holding you back and I'll work closely with you to develop a tailored marketing strategy that aligns with your unique strengths and values (a feel good marketing strategy). 

If you are ready to finally stop the noise and focus your efforts on initiatives that will actually shift the success of your business, I'm ready to be your guide.

The Accelerator

The perfect solution to accelerate your business growth in just 3 months. Whether you are launching your new business and struggle with visibility or you're looking to create more impact in your existing business with a marketing overhaul, this is the solution. Over 3 months we take an intensive and holistic approach to building your confidence, visibility and business, using my unique combination of coaching and mentoring. 


What's included

FREE Audit 

I dive deep in your existing business and marketing - giving your quick wins for visibility the moment we start working together

6 x Coaching sessions

To be taken weekly or bi-weekly

Resource library

Useful resources to help you build your business

Weekly accountability

I'll keep you on track and feeling supported throughout

Bonus workshops

As a client you get access to my previous workshops to help you in growing your business

Enrolling new clients now

Recognise any of this?

You have lots of qualifications but still struggle to feel like the expert and therefore you aren't embracing visibility and marketing your business like you could

You compare yourself to others online and it leaves you wondering how you'll ever 'be where they are'

You never switch off because there's always 'more marketing' you could be doing but it isn't getting you the results you need for the amount of effort you feel like you are putting in

You're stuck in a cycle of perfectionism which means you're not taking the action that's needed to grow your business

You keep 'trying' different marketing tactics but nothing is getting you the enquiries you want and need to feel like a successful business owner

You are overwhelmed by all the advise online and can't work out what is actually going to get you closer to your goals


I can honestly say that working with Hannah over the last 5 months has been transformational for my mindset and my business.  Pound for pound this has been the best investment I have made because of the direct action I’ve been able to take as a result of our sessions together, however,  the value has been so much more than just the ROI.  I came to Hannah feeling confused, without a clear direction for my business and needing to understand my ideal client and what I wanted my business to look like.  Despite having a coaching business it lacked structure and clarity.  Hannah was able to not only hold a space for me to explore my ideas and creativity, but to also share her years of marketing knowledge and training to support me in the practical side of developing my brand and offerings, not to mention the tech support she gave me in building my website and the sales page for my first online event.  Hannah an incredible coach and her business knowledge, technical skills and all round gorgeousness makes her a joy to work with.  I now have real clarity, my confidence in the direction of my business has gone through the roof and the changes are making a huge difference, with my business going from strength to strength.


I booked a package of 6 sessions with Hannah and the insight and knowledge she brings to each session is amazing! Hannah gave me the tools to gain clarity and direction in my business and I finally feel I’m on the road to where I want to be....and that’s all in 6 sessions! 


I would urge anyone who’s thinking about coaching or mentoring to contact Hannah, her approach and support is brilliant!


Hannah's solid marketing background and life coaching skills are wonderful when building your own business.  Her 360-degree approach to understanding your business's nuances, who you need to reach, and how is like a lifeline when you are working on your business every day and can't see the big picture.  This is Hannah's skill, helping you to play the long game giving you perspective while knowing how to handle every small detail day-to-day.  She keeps you moving forward most effectively and constructs solid foundations to ensuring your business thrives


As soon as I noticed Hannah on social media I could relate to what she was saying, her life, and the support she was offering businesses like ours! Although we have a background in marketing, we felt we had a skills gap and lack of strategic focus in digital marketing, which is an essential tool for our business.  Hannah really knows her stuff in this area and is helping us to unlock our full potential.


I would highly recommend working with Hannah. She provides speedy results if you are invested. Guiding you towards your goals with ease and professional clarity. I have fully enjoyed my time working with Hannah and feel anyone choosing to invest in coaching would gain their monies worth and more with Hannah.

Enrolling new clients now

By the end of our time together you will...

Embrace your expertise and status as a business owner due to working through some of your belief systems and developing better internal narratives

Stop comparing yourself to other business owners because you will recognise your own unique qualities and strengths, using these to accelerate your business efforts

Become more effective with your time allowing you to find a better balance between working 'on' and 'in' your business

Be more visible as an expert in your industry with messaging that allows you to stand out in online  and attract more dream clients

Have a marketing strategy and plan that plays to your strengths and generates the leads you need to scale a profitable business

Have learnt how to manage your energy and emotions as a business owner creating a way of working that not only generates more revenue but gives you energy 

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