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Hi there, I'm Hannah O'Donnell – mum of two, personal development enthusiast, and relentless advocate for growth. I've always been fascinated by human behavior and the intricate ways it shapes our experiences. It's this curiosity that led me down the path of coaching and consultancy, where I found my true calling.

In 2018, faced with the challenge of returning to work after the birth of my daughter, I encountered the all-too-common struggle of balancing career aspirations with newfound motherhood. Determined to find a solution that aligned with my values and priorities, I took a bold leap and founded my coaching and consultancy business.

My journey has been one of continuous growth and evolution. Fuelled by a passion for understanding people and driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact, I pursued further qualifications in coaching and personal development. This knowledge, combined with my background as a marketeer and digital marketing strategist since graduating university in 2011, forms the foundation of my unique approach.

I believe that true growth – whether in business or in life – stems from a combination of mindset and strategy. That's why I'm committed to helping businesses and individuals unlock their full potential. By blending coaching principles with marketing consultancy, I offer a holistic approach to growth that empowers my clients to thrive both professionally and personally.



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