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You could say that doing what I do now is the result of a life long calling, a calling to help and to serve. Not in a completely selfless way but in a way that I could use my unique set of skills to help others achieve their goals and ambitions by achieving my own. 

Starting as a marketeer straight out of uni, I developed my professional skills in 2020 to create my unique approach to personal and professional growth which means I now get to live out my absolute passion for people and behaviour alongside marketing, every, single day.


Over the last 5 years I've gone from being an overworked and undervalued marketeer in the fast paced world of hospitality and events to building a life and business on my terms. 

It all started in 2018 when I welcomed my first child and realised that the relentless pursuit to the top of my corporate career meant that I would need to sacrifice a lot of time with my daughter. That's when I decided to make a bold move (a theme of my life) and go it alone and build my own marketing consultancy that quickly developed into the business I have today, Hannah O'Donnell Coaching and Mentoring. 

I went through some of the trials and tribulations you will have experienced in growing your business and had and period of time when I experienced crippling issues with self-confidence and feelings of being an imposter. That's when I started to explore coaching and since then I have developed these skills so I can help more people grow their businesses in a holistic way, by combining both marketing AND mindset strategies.


Since 2018 I have helped 100's of business owners nurture their mindsets and develop marketing strategies that ensure g