• Hannah O'Donnell

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Working With A Business Mentor

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

As a business owner or freelancer, although it's empowering that you are going it alone and building a business on your terms, it can also be incredibly overwhelming especially when it comes to where to market your business and scale online.

There are often big decisions you have to navigate in your business and there is also the added pressure of either maintaining momentum or working out strategies which will help you to scale.

It's a lot to take on as a single person which is where working with a marketing mentor comes in.

Here are 5 reasons why business owners will always benefit from working with a marketing mentor:

1: Benefit from the years of experience a mentor has and save yourself time.

When you are looking to work with a mentor you are looking from someone with a background in an area which you perhaps don't. You're looking for someone who can share their knowledge gained from many years and personal experience with you which will save you time and a lot of questions.

What's the alternative? Spending hours researching online, buying courses and still struggling to implement any lasting change?

2: Gain fresh perspective

It's amazing what others can see which we simply cannot, there's nothing quite like a second opinion and fresh perspective to open our businesses up to new and unexplored opportunities. A mentor is also someone whom you can gain second opinions from, that being said a mentor should not sugar coat their opinion, and instead at times you will have to deal with constructive criticism. It is a mentors job to help you push forward after all so these challenges are always beneficial to helping your business grow.

3: Working with a mentor helps keep you on on track to making lasting change in your business

If you're working with a mentor you have already taken the first step in investing in your business in order to help it scale. The very fact you have a mentor will mean that when times become challenging (which let's admit they are at times) you are more likely to push through and work through your situation rather than just simply give in. Your mentor will provide you with the encouragement you need to maintain your ambition to drive your business forward.

5: A problem shared is a problem halved

As a small business owner there will be decisions you have to make hourly, daily and weekly. It can be a lot of pressure for one person to take on and that's where your mentor comes in. Benefit from bouncing ideas off your mentor who is an expert in their field and will give you their honest 2 pence based on their knowledge and experience. This releases some of the overwhelm and overwhelming responsibility you feel. Your mentor is your trusted advisor and will always have your best interests at heart.

I am fortunate enough to have worked with many mentors in my life and I love nothing more than mentoring female entrepreneurs to support you in your journey to marketing your business online so you reach the right audience, at the right time and with the right message.

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