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Starting August 2023

Applications Open


The only support you need to grow a thriving service based business - Founded by Hannah O'Donnell

Set audacious goals and take rapid action towards the business and life you want with 360 expert support at every step of the way. 

The Mastery Mastermind

Don't let your business struggles hold you back any longer. Take control of your success with The Mastery Mastermind.

This intimate group container of no more than 6 ambitious business owners provides weekly coaching calls, where the focus lies in working on exactly what you need when you need it - this could be anything from helping you deal with a crisis of confidence, to building out a funnel and plan for launching your latest sales driving campaign.


The emphasis of this mastermind to is ensure you have access to expertise and support exactly when you need it and how you need it!

Not only will you have access to my expertise as a coach and marketing expert but you will benefit from the impact of being part of an intimate group of individuals who truly understand where you are and support each other at every step.


I have designed this mastermind to encourage you and inspire you to think big, make bold moves, and take action towards exactly what you want.


My promise to you is to bring you the perfect blend of strategic marketing mentorship and support alongside expert mindset coaching so that you can truly achieve 360 success on your way to 6 figures.


Running a service based business CAN feel good, you CAN feel more in control and you CAN thrive - with the right support. If you're ready, I'm ready! Join the waitlist for The Mastery Mastermind today. 

Recognise any of these struggles?

Are you frustrated because you've invested in building your skills to provide your services but you aren't attracting the right audience who want to work with you? Imagine learning effective strategies and having accountability support in order to turn your audience into your customers.

Perhaps your struggling to make the moves you want in your marketing for fear of failure or perhaps you are holding yourself back from taking risks and pursuing growth? Imagine feeling empowered to make bold moves, knowing that you have a group of cheerleaders and experts who've completely got your back

Is a limited marketing budget holding you back from reaching your full business potential? Imagine having expertise and someone with lots of experience sharing with you effective and resourceful marketing strategies to grow and scale your business with limited resources. 

Is overwhelm and procrastination resulting in you not making any real progress towards your business goals? Imagine feeling organised and focused, knowing that each week you have set aside time to work ON and IN your business so that you finally take meaningful action towards your goals.

Are you struggling to differentiate yourself from competitors in your market, feeling like you are just one of 100os of others in your industry? Imagine knowing exactly what is it that makes you unique and being able to differentiate you in the market so that you ARE the competition. 

Feeling completely energised in your business week in and week out because you overcome obstacles and challenges with ease. You've replaced those rollercoaster up's and down's because you have a whole group of people right behind you, encouraging and supporting you at every step.

When self-doubt and comparison no longer form part of your every day challenge as a business owner, and instead you had a deep sense of inner purpose and drive to achieve success on your terms without concerning yourself with what other people are doing - because you know you are on the right path.

How it will feel to double or triple your income without feeling like you are having to sacrifice 'down time' in order to achieve the success you want and deserve.

What it will feel like when you welcome in more and more of your ideal clients with ease because you have completely nailed your brand building fundamentals and your ideal audience are lined up to work with you.

Replacing overwhelm as a day to day feeling for a feeling of being fully in control and confident in what you are doing, when you are doing it and how you are doing it - knowing you have an expert at your finger tips at all times.

Just imagine...

Because we know that visualisation and working on the inner narrative are key contributors to our success outcomes, so let's give it a little go shall we?


Don't fall into the trap of...

❎ Only focussing on short term tactics instead of having a solid brand strategy that underpins everything you do

❎ Making decisions solely on feelings and not having a strategic operational focus that goes alongside

❎ Doing absolutely everything alone in your business so that your expertise is diluted with things that you don't completely understand leaving you feeling like an imposter

❎ Focusing on short term gain without considering the long term outcomes you want

Here's where I see business owners struggle time and again

Only focussing on short term tactics instead of having a solid brand strategy that underpins everything they do, resulting in inconsistency and a confused offering

Making decisions solely on feeling and not having a strategic operational focus which is necessary for long term sustainable growth

Being inconsistent with marketing because they feel like a fraud or are comparing themselves to everyone else online - chopping and changing their service and offering at every turn. 

Not knowing how to price themselves or their services and undervaluing the impact of their work because they aren't talking to or attracting the right audiences into their business.

Not knowing how to show up and be visible for fear of judgement, resulting in sporadic marketing efforts which then don't allow for impact

Exhausting themselves each and every day with working in the business doing everything other than the service that makes them money.


Imagine KNOWING that each week you are doing EXACTLY what is needed and necessary to grow a 6 figure business 

Is The Mastery Mastermind for you?

Why am I the right person to support you?

A bit more about me


What makes me the right person to support you?

You might know me, you might not so let me introduce myself properly. I started my career in marketing back in 2011 fresh out of uni. In the 14 years that followed I've worked in both agency and in house marketing environments building brand strategy and digital marketing campaigns for some of the UK's most well known household brands. 

In 2020 having worked as a successful marketing consultant for 2 years I realised something was missing, my clients all had the expert marketing strategies they needed but they also needed the mindset necessary to achieve audacious goals. Realising this is when I trained as a coach and quickly became one of only a few professionally certified coaching with The ICF in the UK and a human behaviour expert. 

I now combine both these skill sets to provide holistic and sustainable support to highly successful founders, CEO's and leaders in service based industries. 

Alongside my own business I am a trainer for one of the UK's leading coach training organisations meaning I provide world class training in human behaviour and incorporate this work and the latest insights into my own business each for my clients each and every day. 

I have successfully supported over 30 business owners to achieve unimaginable personal and business success with my unique approach to business growth.

The need-to-knows

The Investment

The Founding Member price* is just £499 per month (secured for as long as you stay a member)

This will increase from January 1st 2024 to £550 per month

You can add a 1:1 60 min coaching session to your membership for just £599 per month (saving over £200) 

Did you know that just by being around high performance individuals you can increase your own performance by 15%+

Mastery Application

Want to learn more about whether this is right for you? Apply to find out more and have a chat.

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