Work with me as your marketing mentor to develop strategic marketing plans and skills which will enable you to scale your business online and on social media. 

With over a decade of experience developing Digital Marketing strategies and campaigns for national brands, SME's and freelancers, I am well placed to work alongside you to develop meaningful and impactful marketing strategies which will help you reach the right audience at the right time with the right message to grow your business. 


  • You're not getting the results you want from your current marketing

  • You have more questions than you have answers when it comes to what you should do to build a bigger client base.

  • You've done online courses but want the support of someone who has expertise in marketing.

  • You're frustrated as you can see your competitors growing and you want in on the action.

  • You like to work with someone in order to stay accountable to taking action. 

If this sounds like you, working with me as your mentor will help you scale your business without feeling overwhelmed.


As a business and marketing mentor I can help you...

  • Better understand your audience and where you need to position yourself in order to convert more of them into your customers. 

  • Help you get clear on what you want from your business.

  • Build ambitious yet achievable  marketing plans, campaigns or long term strategies which will grow your business and bottom line. 

  • Reduce the overwhelm of all your options on platforms, messaging and systems. 

  • Help you build business plans which align with your values and zone of genius.

  • Teach you practical skills which will help you grow your business.

  • Support you in prioritising your next move.

  • Educate you on systems and tech which can help you scale without feeling burnt out. 

  • Work with you collaborative to help you turn your ambitions into reality based on years of experience in business and marketing. 







 The 'Develop' Package


This is for you if you have a business idea but want to start turning it into a reality or perhaps you have only just set up your business but now need the support of marketing to scale and grow.

Through 6 sessions I will audit your current marketing activities and help you build a clear picture of your ideal audience and your opportunities to market your business to them. 

I will share with you systems and processes which will help you when starting or growing your business.  

These are collaborative sessions so although I can give my recommendations, you can guide the direction of these sessions. 

The 'Expand & Evolve' Package


Have you developed your business organically so far but know that it's time to take the next step? Do you want to deep dive into new and exciting opportunities that will help you grow your business and bottom line? Do you want to work with me as an expert to create an action plan to get your business to the next stage?

Over 10 weeks I work closely with you to examine the foundations of your business and refine your offering. We will then examine where we can scale in a way which is aligned to the work you really want to do.

The final stage is where we can develop campaigns and strategies to put everything you have learnt into practice. 

Business Development Power Hours


Struggling with a specific area in your business, like list building, email planning, advertising or developing a campaign or launch? Think you would benefit from the support of an outside perspective of an expert in order to bounce your ideas from? 

Power hours are your opportunity to work with me in a 2 hour session to work through your current challenges or better understand your options to scale your business.

Start-up Session


This is for you if you have a business idea but want help bringing it to life. This 90 minute session will give you an opportunity to bounce ideas off with someone who is a marketing expert. 

Over 90 minutes you will gain the confidence and clarity to take the next steps to turn your idea into reality.