Harness the power of Brand to grow your business in 2023

Blooming Brand is my 6 week group coaching and mentoring container that will empower you with the knowledge and actionable strategy you need to build a Blooming Brand for your service based business that will attract more clients and more demand for your services.

Harness your brand and build your unique marketing strategy in 6 weeks with support and guidance.

Build A Blooming Brand

This 6 week container is focussed on the following areas


Utilising my 14+ years experience in brand and marketing strategy from small to large organisation, I am teaching you the fundamentals of building an impactful brand that will attract the right clients into your business.


What good is knowledge without being able to implement it into a plan?! No good thats what! That's why during the duration of the programme we collaboratively create your actionable plan and start implementing the learnings into your business


Empowered with the skills and the plan my ambition is for you to graduate the programme with confidence and clarity for where your business is headed and how it will grow armed with the exact plan of what you need to do in order to achieve that. 

How's Blooming Brand Work?


6 x live Zoom calls held weekly 

Each week we join together on the zoom call where I cover a certain topic which forms a fundamental element of you building your blooming brand. 


Weekly Voxer Support Clinic

Each week you have a clinic day after the training where you can share with me and the group any questions or ideas that are coming up for you. That way you have full support when you are implementing your learning from the week. 


4 Weeks Post Programme Support

After the 6 weeks together you will be supported for a further 4 weeks via 1 x Zoom call with me and 4 weeks of Voxer support. This way you feel supported throughout the implementation of your brand plan and strategy. 

What do we cover in Blooming Brand?

Your Goals and Vision

This is the basis of all great marketing strategies.

An essential step when building your strategy is to get crystal clear on what you want to achieve and exactly why you want to achieve it. This  sets the vision for your business and informs the brand mission. 

Your Services and offering

Just because you 'can', doesn't mean you 'should'. We look at your service suite and what you are offering your clients. We look at what you can offer that is unique and compelling for your ideal audience. 

Your mission and audience

Great brands have strong missions, they speak directly to a specific audience and encourage engagement, this is where we unlock that for your business. 

Channel Plan and Strategy

Now you know what you are saying, who you are saying it to and what you have to offer, it's time to build your marketing plan. Define where you market your business, how you market and create your plan

Messaging and your unique point of difference

Now your clear on what you want to achieve and have unlocked your 'why' it's time to tell that to your audience, build compelling messages that then live in your marketing communications.


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This Programme is for you if...

You feel overwhelmed

My mission is to make marketing your business feel EASY. Blooming Brand is your simple way to remove overwhelm

You have ambition and want a plan

Ambition is great but we need a PLAN. There is the time and stepping stones in this programme to support you in building your plan

You procrastinate too much

Blooming Brand is a LIVE 6 week programme where I support you throughout, there wont be time to procrastinate

You want accountability

I am here to hold you accountable for growing your business , through live trainings and Voxer support, I am your accountability partner

You're ready and eager to grow

The course is built to stretch your knowledge and support you in growing your marketing skills

You need expert support

I've been in the marketing industry for 14 years, I bring this expertise to each and every session so that you create meaningful and impactful plans in your business

Enrolling Now

The doors for Your Blooming Brand programme are now OPEN for a January 2023 start.

The date of the sessions are TBC and spaces will be limited to just 10. 

The 6 week programme and 6 week support session + 4 week post group support is priced at £700 per person (payment plans are available, see FAQ's for more info)

Join me to build your Blooming Brand and have the clarity and confidence to head into 2023 ready and raring to go.