For the past 12 years I have worked in management positions in Digital Marketing and Social Media for some of the UK's largest brands and organisations. My industry was fast paced and the hours were really long! Although I loved what I did I knew I needed to find a better balance with my life and I also knew I wanted to find a way to share my skills with women who were looking to live a life of more balance and not burnout. 

I've always been the type of person who has been looked upon to give advice or be used as a sounding board and it's a role I have always loved (I was even a samaritan for a few years). This is why in 2020 I decided to turn my passion into my profession by training as an accredited life and business coach through The ICF. 

Having both a decade of experience working in marketing alongside being an accredited Coach, I am able to support women achieve both their personal and professional goals in a truly unique and completely holistic way. 

I am committed to supporting my clients achieve more from their life by developing the skills and the mindset necessary to achieve their goals, and I do this through 1:1 Coaching and mentoring, or group coaching programmes. 


Helping You Move Forward

I am uniquely positioned to work with my clients through coaching and mentoring or a combination of both.

I regularly support my clients break through mindset blocks that seem to be holding them back in life through undoing limiting beliefs, and discovering deeper understanding of core values and personal drivers.

Through coaching I also support clients to develop a more positive outlook, whilst providing them with the tools a techniques necessary to overcome challenges which come their way. 

Through mentoring I share specific skills, techniques and strategies which help my clients scale their businesses in a sustainable and achievable way, and in a way which promotes balance over burnout. 

Combining both my marketing expertise with my coaching skills means I am able to support my clients in a truly holistic way.  

Hannah O'Donnell



I am committed to the work I do with each and every client. I commit to showing up and supporting in the best way possible. At no point will I ever give up on my pursuit to support people achieving their goals. 


I am a life long learner and am a strong believer in the need for continuous personal and professional development. With growth as a core value, I am committed to staying up to date with the latest tools, techniques and platforms, experimenting with new ideas, and developing habits which lead to my continual improvement. 


I believe authenticity is key in building and maintaining strong social connections which is why I will always show up as my authentic self for my clients.