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I'm Hannah

Expert Coach, Coach Trainer, Marketing Mentor, Mother, Wife and lover of doughnuts!

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My Story

Not so long ago, I wasn’t living life on my terms. Nor was I working in a way that served me! In fact, I was growing tired of the relentless pursuit to the top, within the fast-paced world of marketing. Working in agencies and with global organisations for more than 12-years, I was exhausted.


Why I jumped ship…


Like you, I’ve always been wildly ambitious. It’s something that I love about myself and would never change. However, after having children and experiencing the inevitable shifts that this brings (both joy-filled and terrifying!), I realised that the burnout I was facing wasn’t good for anyone. Not for my work. Not for my family. Definitely not for me!


Like so many women around me and across the UK, I was giving my everything and not getting so much as a “thank you” in return. Hands up if that feels familiar...


Cue: Hannah jumping ship and launching a biz!


Tale as old as time, right?


I knew that I could use my over a decade of experience in marketing, working for some of the largest national brands on their digital strategy, to support organisations, freelancers and business owners to scale without the stress. So, that’s what I did.

Something was missing 


In those early days, I helped countless amazing business owners to up-level their digital marketing strategy, in a way which gave them tangible results. I taught them the tricks of the trade and acted as that much-needed pair of second eyes on their content, so that they could do less but achieve more. That way, they were able to focus on the parts of their business and life that they actually loved!


But I started noticing the same business-building barriers coming up for almost every client. Like me, they were ridiculously ambitious and wanted to push themselves to achieve more. Marketing expertise allowed them to take a huge step towards that, but their mindset was still often holding them back in other areas. This was something that I knew all too well!


From feelings of overwhelm and lack of confidence, to comparison and straight-up stress, I wanted to offer these brilliant business owners, and other people wanting to make positive changes, a chance to create lives and businesses which truly felt good. Having worked as a Samaritans Listener, it was time to bring my passion for helping people more deeply into my business. 


With this mission in mind, I spent 10 months in 2020 training with the International Coaching Federation and became a Professionally Certified Life and Business Coach. That way, I could use my personal experience with burnout, my training as a coach and my love of all things mindset and self-development to change lives for the better!

I now combine both my areas of expertise to help people just like you, gain clarity, welcome in ease and feel more joy in the day to day. 

My Training and Accreditations

Professionally accredited through The International Coaching Federation and with over 200 hours of training under my belt, I am committed to delivering ethical and professional coaching to all my clients.

As one of under 700 PCC coaches in the UK I'm committed to my professional development and continue to have coaching and supervision myself to ensure I deliver the best service to my clients

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